Stock Market Enlightenment Workshop


  • ROOT CAUSE  -The main cause for the traders or investors to fail in
    the stock market. You need to learn from others mistake so that you don’t do the same.
  • TRADERS PSYCHOLOGY – The right psychology or mindset that is needed to
    be successful in stock market.
  • STOCK PICKING IDEAS – Things to see and the homework that should be
    done before you pick the right stock for investing or trading.
  • TRADING STRATEGIES – How to be a successful trader in futures and options.
    Some of the techniques and checklist that should be followed for intraday trading.


Who should attend

  • Passionate –  If you have the passion to trade in the stock market.
  • Passive Income- If you are looking for an alternative income/ extra income from the stock market.
  • Explore- If you want to explore the opportunities in the stock market.
  • Maximize– If you are looking for ways to maximize the profits in the financial markets?
  • Newbie-If you want to venture into the stock market but not sure where to begin with.
  • Retired/Housewife- If you are a retired person or a housewife and want to earn fro the stock markets.
  • Students- If you a student and if you are looking for a career in stock market.

Who should not attend

  • Jobless/ unemployed-  If you are considering stock market as a primary source of income then this workshop is not for you.
  • Greedy- If you are looking for a magic grail which will make you a millionaire in a short span then please stay away.
  • Cover your losses- If you have already lost money in stock market and expecting that this workshop will help you recover everything then the answer is a BIG no. So please stay away.

Workshop Details

  • Date – 20th September 2020 (Sunday)
  • Time – 10am to 1pm
  • Mode: Online
  • Fee  ₹ 699.00 only (Inclusive TAX)
    For any queries please contact  Vivek: +91-9686572262